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Exciting news

I can't tell you how happy I am to make this announcement. I am in the process of releasing a new single and video. It's a duet this time and comes with an excellent video from my good friend and genius Dave Thorp. The song is called 'I'll follow you' and features an old mate of mine. We started off in music together and, on and off, played in bands together all our lives. Sadly he retired from music a few years ago and all efforts to get him back on stage have failed.....until now! I can't reveal the name of this talented fella but those of you that know me will have worked out who it is already. I bet you're excited too! The release will be available on video only. You will be able to download it for just £5.00. The best fiver you ever spent! Anyway I'll keep you posted and I look forward to this very special release. Its going to be a winner. The picture might give you a clue as to who the mystery man is. All I have to do now is drag him here for a recording session!

Take care everyone. Jake x

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