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I've been lucky to have worked with some great musicians over the years so I thought I'd mention a few names and say thanks for the memories. My very first band was 'Dutch Treet' back in the 70s. Band members were Garry Barrett, John Fletcher, the late Paul Campey and myself. We didn't know what we were doing but we had a great time doing it! Years later Garry and myself formed 'Stone Cold Sober' a great band playing alongside the great Simon Waggot, Sean McMullan (Macca) and wavy Davey aka Dave Hardy. There was 'Area 51' a band I formed with my brother Don. On bass was Al Hughes and Martin Mangan was in the engine room. I joined up with Garry again for 'The Ouse Brothers, when we played a season in Rhodes, Greece. What a great time that was with Wayne Allen on the kit and the one and only Marcus 'Chip' Bousfield on guitar. I also had a short stint in 'The Wyze Guyz' with Garry again (can't get rid of him), 'Jack' Jackson, Simon Waggot, Sean Macca and Dave Hardy. I don't perform live these days, it's just endless song writing and recording. Helping me with my endeavours have been Heidi Widdop, Rob Wilson, Martin Ledger and me old pal John Foottit. I'm really enjoying myself and I'm looking forward to more collaborations with some great players. - Oh I forgot my time in 'The Ali Shuffle' with the great Alistair Lawrence on piano and Newcastle Brown.

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