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All about Jake Carry

Well what a mad year 2022 has been! I started out with the idea that I need to get down all the songs I have written over the years. I thought I better do it before I meet my maker, or go crackers, or both! But how to do it? I spoke to my brother Don about it and since then I've never looked back. He has spent countless hours explaining what he knows about producing music and I can never repay him for that. Anyway, around March, I get the guitar and microphone out and start to get the old buzz back again. Before I know it , I'm obsessed again and can't get enough done in a day. In a year I've managed to come up with 5 albums and 2 videos. I've worked 25 hours a day, learning and writing even more new material.  In addition to all the previously mentioned people, I managed to get the lovely Sally Tindill to sing one of my songs and I can't thank Martin Ledger enough for his help and unswerving professionalism. My fifth album is out Christmas day, which is great, but now I'm gonna wind down before I go completely barmy. Off to Tenerife for a month, then back to song writing and recording again. It's what kept me going all my life. I will never stop chasing my dreams. Thanks to everyone that has shown an interest in my songs during this year. If you're one of those people that just wants to knock people that try, then please carry on. I love writing songs about people like you. To everyone else Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Keep your eye open, I'll probably have another album ready soon xxx

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